Founded by Mark and Lisa Wright in 1995, Health Wright Products (HWP) was born out of humble beginnings and a dream to encapsulate health, innovation, and quality. Their passion resulted in our current 165,000 square foot facility located in the Pacific Northwest and over 2 billion capsules formulated, tested, and manufactured in 2020 alone.

Today, HWP greets the industry as one of the most respected and trusted partners of choice in launching and supplying nutritional capsules.

IN 2020

The world was faced with a health crisis that tested the strength of community and dedication for all. Health Wright Products remained committed to its mission of providing quality products and state-of-the- art processes to clients and consumers everywhere.

That year, we added over forty new employee positions and increased weekly production by 40% -- achieving multiple record years of success to become a $75 million dollar company.

And now, we are going even further….

IN 2021


Health Wright Products will reach $100M and will begin an expansion to bring us closer to our goal of over 5 billion capsules created and over $150 million dollars in revenue ANNUALLY.


will be distributed among all full-time employees who have been with the company for at least one year when HWP achieves the goal of a 12-month period totaling over $150 million dollars in revenue. All full-time employees will receive $1,000 for each year of service up to 5 years or $5,000.

All current 200+ employees are immediately eligible.


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To be a part of this mission to create new job opportunities and provide billions of capsules to better the health of individuals all
over the world.

To inspire and celebrate both our beginnings and future, Mark and Lisa Wright
are making a promise to give back to those who have dedicated their talent to
Health Wright Products in achieving our next milestone.



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Clackamas, OR 97015

Tel: 503 722 4344